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    Successful Tips for Affiliate Marketing
    Copyright 2003-2004, Scott F. Geld

    Affiliate programs can be an effective way of earning money by 
    just focusing on Internet Marketing. It doesnít matter whether 
    you have a product to sell or not; if you can harness the 
    benefit of those already selling on the web, you can get 
    thousands of affiliate programs, which will pay you commission 
    for selling their products. It is just like becoming a retailer 
    for some manufacturing company, which pays you once you affect 
    a sale of their product. But to choose from thousands is a 
    difficult thing altogether. 
    Letís give a look at an example of any brick and mortar 
    business. Imagine you have a local shop and you are selling 
    products of a brand, which is well recognized. As you cannot 
    store more than two or three products in your one single shop, 
    the same logic applies on the web too. Since you have a web 
    presence, it doesnít mean you would sell all the products 
    available on the web. Keep yourself restricted to some niche 
    products. If you wish to sell more, then get more websites 
    running, which would sell all those other products too. The 
    mantra to succeed here is to have specialty websites, which 
    offer one or more like-products rather than selling everything 
    available under the sun. 
    Getting good profit margins on affiliate programs is also a 
    crucial factor. You must consider those programs, which provide 
    you ten percent or more in commission. Choosing the product to 
    sell is also of importance, as everyone knows selling a product 
    worth $20 is as difficult as selling a $200 product. So analyze 
    and decide what would sell, at what price, and how much 
    commission you would get on that. It is all about algorithms 
    and statistics on the web. If you learn the fundamentals, 
    chances are that you would be making some money initially and 
    thereon you would be a marketing guru yourself. 
    You would be surprised to know that all Internet marketing 
    gurus started their business on the web and that is quite 
    logical. You should read their success story, learn their 
    success formula, and follow those principles. Affiliate 
    programs are just about how you market a product on the 
    Internet. You should be able to generate traffic on your 
    website and able to turn browsers into buyers. There is a 
    gamut of products, which would sell like a hot cake. You just 
    need to identify those and become a reseller, thereby earning 
    handsome commission on your efforts. 

    Scott F. Geld is the Director of Marketing for MarketingBlaster.com, a company providing targeted traffic and leads: http://www.MarketingBlaster.com

    This article was originally written: November, 2003

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