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    Special Effects Kill Movies
    Copyright © 2005, Abdi Frankfurt

    One thing that I really donít understand is why filmmakers are 
    using so many special effects in their films. Itís becoming truly 
    ridiculous and unrealistic. The films are turning into animation 
    while animation is turning more real. Watching films like War of 
    the Worlds or Peter Jacksonís Lord of the Rings, I can tell where 
    the blue screen is and how and when and where they did the 
    digital compositing and everytime that I notice something like 
    this, it completely pulls me out of the storyline.
    Every single film that seems to be coming out is sacrificing 
    story for the sake of these really expensive digital effects. I 
    remember being so disappointed when I found out that Hulk in the 
    Ang Lee remake was totally computerized. I felt as if I was 
    watching a cartoon moving around and not once did I believe in 
    the conflict. At least, if youíre going to use special effects 
    use it so well that it looks realistic.
    Spiderman had the same problem. In the scenes when heís flying 
    around through the buildings of New York, you can completely tell 
    that heís a computerized figure rather than a man. 
    I remember seeing Sideways and finding it so refreshing. That 
    film was made without any special effects and on a bare minimum 
    budget. The film revolved around two great friends and how they 
    take a trip through napa valley to go wine tasting. Their 
    adventures are so captivating that it makes the film feel like a 
    walk in the park. 
    Another movie that I recently saw was Machiavelli Hangman. 
    This film was made with only 150,000 dollars which means that 
    the filmmakers couldnít even afford the special effects so they 
    had to invent new ways to stimulate the audienceís imagination. 
    Unfortunately, that drive to make more out of less seems to have 
    disappeared with our major filmmakers. Martin Scorsese who once 
    said that he didnít like to use too many computerized effects 
    in his films is gradually turning the other way. There are many 
    scenes in Aviator, especially when Howard Hughes is flying the 
    plane in the sky that the background looks like it was lifted 
    straight out of a 1940ís movie.
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is yet another film that will 
    surely be relying heavily on special effects. As far as 
    minimizing budget, it is understand and fair to use computers to 
    cut down unnecessary costs in creating sets and having thousands 
    of extras for a single scene. However, with the onset of 
    technology one should use the options sparingly and tastefully. 
    Often times than not, less is more. 

    Writer's Resource Box:
    Abdi Frankfurt is a movie reviewer.
    Machiavelli Hangman

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