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    Why Most People Fail in the Stock Market
    Copyright 2004, Mark Crisp

    It's a bit of a lie. The stock market is supposed to be a wealth 
    builder for all who participate BUT it is often quoted that over 
    95% of the public who do "play" the stock market lose money. How 
    can this be?
    So if the above is true then it is one of two things. Either the 
    stock market is so difficult a business to win in the average 
    man in the street should not enter it OR most people are doing 
    something wrong.
    Which do you think it is?
    My guess is most people will take the easy option out and say: 
       "The game is rigged"
       "You can't compete against the professionals"
       " I was given poor advice"
       " The method I used was all wrong"
    Like I say the easy option. Blame it on THEM. THEY did it to me. 
    They took my money. THEY gave me lousy advice. THEY, THEY, THEY.
    But there is another more profitable way of looking at it.
    It's not that making money in the stock markets is difficult 
    it's our emotions that make is a losing game. 
    You see we as a mass of people create the stock markets. Our 
    Euphoria and greed and Technology insanity created the bubble 
    in 1995- 2000. Everyone was making easy money investing in 
    .COM stocks. And everyone was joining the party. The doors 
    were open and the atmosphere was electric. No one considered 
    the hang over that was sure to follow. So as a mass of 
    millions stampeding into the markets to grab slice of the 
    profits WE created the bubble. How can it be any different?
    THEN the inevitable happened. The bubble burst and down came 
    the stock market. Euphoria and profits turned to disbelief and 
    losses and then anger and fear. Down came the stock market as 
    the partygoers ran for the exits. The same people who created 
    the bubble now created a crash.
    In 2003 as everyone was losing his money and refusing to talk 
    about he stock market. Something began to stir. The stock market 
    started to rise again. Under every-ones noses stocks began to 
    rise from their graves.
    Look at these two FANTASTIC stocks M.S.T.S. traded in 2003:
    I am here to tell you making a fortune in the stock market is 
    not that difficult. The difficulty lies in combating your 
    emotions and your need to do the wrong things all the time. 
    1) You want to invest all the time. All the best and biggest 
       winning traders stay on the sidelines at least 50% of the 
       time waiting and stalking. Show me a trader who trades 
       every day and I'll show you a losing one.
    2) You don't have the discipline to wait fort he VERY best set 
       ups. You are so desperate to trade you take the first stock 
       that looks half decent rather than wait for the "perfect" 
       set up.
    3) The big money is in the BIG moves. I'd rather make 2-3 trades 
       every bull cycle and make 100%+ on those moves than trade 50 
       stocks for many small gains and losses. 
    4) You keep falling for poor advice. You listen to forums, 
       gurus and emails promising you this stock is going to gain 
       over 500% in the next week. 
    5) You trade emotionally rather then from a detached business 
       view. You get overexcited about gains and end up taking them 
       too early. You get too upset about losses and refuse to 
       accept them.
    6) You trade stocks fundamentally. I see no use in following  
       a stocks fundamentals.  Price trend and volume is all that 
       really matters.
    Successful trading is both very difficult to master but at the 
    same time it's almost too easy compared to other businesses. 
    Where else can you make $100,000's per annum for a few minutes 
    work every day? BUT, although it is a very simple process many 
    cannot master the patience and discipline needed to win in this 

    August 2004, Mark Crisp The Momentum Stock Trader Successful Stock Trading Shouldn't Take More Than 10 Minutes a Day. http://www.stressfreetrading.com

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