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    Copyright 2004, Richard *Sparky* Bryan

    When did Americans stop taking responsibility for their own 
    In fact, I was having this conversation just this evening with
    a gentleman who was alive to see the turn in attitudes. I put 
    it to you this way because my feelings were that it began in 
    the 1960's, but I could not know for myself since I was born 
    in the mid-sixties. 
    My friend is at least a couple of decades my senior, so he was 
    there seeing it for himself as it happened. My friend agreed 
    that the slide began in the late 1960's with the growth of the 
    drug culture.
    But he was quick to emphasize that although the sixties began
    the slide, the real sharp slope did not arrive until the 1990's.
    Along about 1993, the slide began to sharpen. It was not until
    early 1998 that the slope became a steep cliff.
    It happened with the utterance of only eight words, "I did 
    not have sexual relations with that woman." ...Followed by 
    the explanation of the original lie, his actions "did not 
    constitute sexual relations as I understood that term."
    Who uttered these famous words? Of course, we all know it was
    Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States.
    Bill Clinton will always be known as a man with a strong sexual 
    drive and a desire to hide that fact from the people. He will 
    also be known as the second U.S. President in history to be 
    Actually, the American public sooned tired of the Republican 
    tirade against Clinton's sexual indiscretions. 
    I theorize that the reason people tired of this matter so 
    quickly is because each person took a good hard look at Hillary 
    and understood the reasons for Bill's philandering ways. 
    Bill will be known for several things by different people. No
    one will ever forget the sexual exploits of the man, but that
    will not be his real legacy. 
    His real legacy will always be that he refused to take 
    responsibility for his own actions. 
    There are far too many actions, denials and misdirections to
    catalogue here. Although I could pass on a few, the only purpose
    it would really serve is to bore you to tears. So, I will just
    move on.
    Do you remember the great "Right-Wing Conspiracy?"
    Sure you do. And so does everyone else. Hillary was the first
    to suggest that they were responsible for Bill Clinton's woes.
    But, the "Right-Wing Conspiracy" did not lie to the American 
    public. Bill did.
    The "Right-Wing Conspiracy" did not try to play off their 
    dishonesties as a misunderstood word in the English language.
    Nope. Bill was the one who did that. 
    Did the "Right-Wing Conspiracy" smoke pot? Certainly not. It
    was Bill who smoked the pot, although it must be noted that he
    "did not inhale." So, why did he even bother putting the joint
    between his lips if he did not intend to inhale? Odd.
    "I did not do that."
    "I did not say that."
    "That is not what I meant to suggest with my words."
    "The Right-Wing Conspiracy did it." 
    "The Right-Wing Conspiracy is responsible."
    "I want you to know that I am innocent." --- Martha Stewart
    "I simply returned a call from my stockbroker," Stewart wrote.
    "Based in large part on prior discussions with my broker about 
     price, I authorized a sale of my remaining shares in a biotech 
     company called ImClone." --- The Innocent Martha Stewart
    Martha has become a focal point for the new American culture
    of denial and misdirection. 
    We, the people, imitate the actions of our leaders and other
    personalities. If those we respect have taught us not to take 
    responsibility for our own actions, who are we to question 
    their leadership? Let us do as they do. After all, if they 
    are doing it, then there must not be anything wrong with it.
    Like the scrubbing bubbles swirling down the toilet in the
    commercial, the American population is swirling down the 
    toilet of denial.
    "We do the work so you don't have to..." 
    --- The Scrubbing Bubbles
    The only way we can prevent America from going the full 
    length of the flush is to put our feet down and begin to begin 
    to take responsibility for our own actions again, one person at 
    a time.
    You must step to the plate and take responsiblity for your own
    actions. If you do wrong, say so. Don't make excuses.
    Then, by example, you must show others the right way to behave.
    Right behavior is infectious, just as wrong behavior is 
    One action at a time, I implore the people who read this article
    to infect others with the desire to act properly and to take
    responsiblity for their own actions.
    It is up to you whether you follow my guidance. I am doing my
    own part at my end, and I hope others will jump on the band
    wagon and do the same.
    Martha Stewart
    Bill Clinton
    Hillary Clinton

    Richard *Sparky* Bryan was born into a family of Southern Baptist true-blue Democrats. Given such a rich Democratic background, Richard defied all odds to become the first registered Republican in his family's history. Richard's friends call him *Sparky* because of his tendency to elecit impassioned and heated debate on matters of religion and politics. Read Sparky's Commentaries online at: http://sparky-speaks.blogspot.com Or Subscribe by sending an email: mailto:Sparky_Speaks-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

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