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    Tips and Motivational Advice for Keeping Fit One Day at a Time
    Copyright © 2005, Beverley Brooke

    Letís face itÖ.
    Losing weight and feeling great isnít easy.
    BUT the journey is well worth it!
    Many people commit to their health and well being
    via a New Yearís resolution.  Why not?  The 
    New Year is a great time to make a fresh start and
    commitment to your health. 
    How do you remain motivated however for an 
    entire year?
    The single most important piece of advice I can 
    offer you is this: 
    Donít give up, and pick yourself back up when 
    you stumble or fall. 
    Everyone slips here and there.  Just because you
    had one cheat day doesnít mean your entire fitness 
    and exercise program needs to be ruined. 
    On the contrary.  Everyone slips now and again.  
    The key to sticking with a program is to make the slips
    MUCH less frequent than the days you are 
    firmly committed to your program.
    So have that piece of chocolate on occasion and
    donít beat yourself up for it.
    Here are some additional great ideas for staying 
    motivated throughout the year:
    Tip 1
    Donít make a habit of skipping breakfast.  
    You should never skip breakfast.  It is the most 
    important meal of the day, and revs your metabolism
    to burn calories each and every day. 
    When you skip breakfast, you are more likely to 
    overeat and then feel guilty later in the day. 
    Tip 2
    Donít weigh yourself every day.  In fact, you 
    should weigh yourself only once a week, and 
    when you do you should do it at the same time
    wearing nothing.  
    Why?  Your weight actually fluctuates a good 
    2-5 pounds from day to day. 
    Much of this is associated with fluid retention,
    thus has nothing to do with your actual fat 
    gain or loss.  Weighing yourself too often 
    can be discouraging rather than encouraging.
    Tip 3
    Grab a partner in crime.  
    Find someone that can be your Ďpartner in fitnessí.  
    Call them when you are feeling unmotivated, 
    and have them do the same.
    You are more likely to stay motivated if you have
    someone to lean on when times get tough. 
    Tip 4
    Donít skip a workout because you are tired.  
    Did you know that working out will actually help 
    invigorate you?  If you are truly exhausted, 
    consider toning down your workout, but never
    give it up completely!
    Tip 5
    Reward yourself on occasion.  
    All work and no play is not the way to go 
    when it comes to your overall
    health and well being.  
    Consider booking yourself for a massage 
    or other pampering treat each month to 
    keep you feeling great mentally and physically.
    Last but not least, remember to take small steps. 
    Donít set outrageous goals.  You wonít lose 10 
    pounds in one week, but you might lose up to 2.
    Over inflated goals will only serve to defeat you 
    in the long run.  Set reasonable goals and you will 
    find yourself much more motivated throughout the year!

    Writer's Resource Box:
    Article by Beverley Brooke, editor of the Health & 
    Finesse website and weekly newsletter covering a 
    range of heath, diet and fitness topics.

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